Watch: Weezer cover 'All The Small Things' as replacement for Blink-182 at Riot Fest
Courtesy of Nachtmensch

Filling in as headliners for Blink-182, who had to cancel their tour due to drummer Travis Barker's diagnosis of blood clots, Weezer treated the crowd to some Blink material, performing a cover of their hit "All the Small Things."

Unfortunately, Young the Giant, who was also appearing on the bill that night, had the same idea, performing "All the Small Things" during their set.  

Before breaking into the song, Weezer's lead singer, Rivers Cuomo explained to the audience, "We thought we'd learn one of their [Blink-182] songs in honor of the great band but before we came on we heard Young the Giant playing the song we learned."

Continued Cuomo, "But we're going to do it anyway cause you can never have too much Blink in your life!"

With that, the Los Angeles-based band played Blink's 1999 hit before continuing with their own hit "Say It Ain't So."

Weezer's next tour stop is scheduled for Nov. 30 at the Florida Man Music Festival in Orlando.