Watch: Weezer team with Finn Wolfhard’s Calpurnia for ‘Take On Me’ video

Weezer has caused a stir with their recent covers, and they're continuing to shake things up with a recent music video. The band joined forces with Calpurnia, the group fronted by "Stranger Things" star Finn Wolfhard, to make their version of the iconic "Take On Me" video. You can watch it by playing the video above.

The Weezer video is a take on a-ha's 1985 video, which was actually their second music video for the now-classic single. The video featured a-ha lead singer Morten Harket and his then-girlfriend, actress Bunty Bailey, as characters in a romantic adventure that merged live action with 16 weeks' worth of rotoscoping. It's since become one of the most well-known music videos in history, so when Weezer covered "Take On Me" for their latest self-titled release (also known as The Teal Album), fans had to know they would try to replicate the video.

In the Weezer version, the romance is replaced by the band performing the song. Wolfhard portrays a younger version of Weezer's lead singer Rivers Cuomo, leading the rest of his bandmates as they cover the song during practice at his parents' house. It's a classic teenage rock star fantasy, except with a pop song that made it onto the all-time Billboard Hot 100 singles chart last year.

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Anyone who enjoys Weezer will get a kick out of their "Take On Me" video. Like their "Africa" video, it's close enough to the original that audiences get all those warm and fuzzy feelings from a classic song, but they find something new and creative to do with it. They've kept the partially animated style that made the video so iconic, and they have thrown in another celebrity appearance for good measure. This video and the song prove exactly why bands and artists do covers in the first place: because there are a lot of fun songs and a lot of fun ways to re-record them.

Now the question is if "Take On Me" and "Africa" will be on Weezer's playlist as they continue to tour throughout 2019. Fans can get tickets to several of Weezer's upcoming shows here at AXS.

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