Watch: Yoshiki of X Japan talks early struggles, taking fans on a journey, working with KISS and Marilyn Manson
AXS YouTube

This year, X Japan made headlines when they were the only hard rock and metal band to perform at Coachella—and at the same time during Beyoncé. But, despite playing up against one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Japan X shocked the crowd when bringing out Marilyn Manson during weekend two, and still managed to hold their own against the Queen.

In addition to playing Coachella for the first time, Yoshiki, who is the founding member of the band, are dubbed the most successful rock group in Japanese history by selling over 30 million singles, albums and videos. Their documentary, "We Are X" was recently released, which showcases what the band has gone through to get where they are today. 

"I was about to quit music when he passed away, I didn't even want to hear the word X," Yoshiki told AXS. "But, my fans, just kept supporting us, supporting me. So almost unconditionally for over 10 years, so that's the reason I came back on stage. My fans are my biggest inspiration."

Check out AXS' full interview with Yoshiki of X Japan above or watch it right here.