Watch: YouTube star Jake Donaldson drops video for 'Options'
Jake Donaldson/YouTube

YouTube sensation Jake Donaldson is making the move from viral videos to music videos with his new single "Options." Donaldson has released a music video for the song, which you can watch now by playing the video above, and the single is now available on iTunes.

Donaldson is the 16-year-old Canadian whose "Guys vs. Girls Mashup", in which male and female artists competed against one another in a sing-off of hit songs, reached over 100 million YouTube views in 2016. The success of that video spawned an entire series, with the latest mashup video being dropped last week. Music fans may also know him from his wide selection of cover videos, where he's put his own spin on a variety of pop hits.

"Options" is his second original single, and his first since 2016. Per the accompanying press release, it's also the first single from an EP that's expected to be released in the middle of 2018. His debut single "Lost" and the track "Infinity," on which Donaldson was the featured vocalist alongside fellow YouTube performer Elissia Mariah, are both still available on iTunes. His latest song is a single with a catchy hook that ought to appeal to anyone who likes their pop with a little extra attitude.

The video, with its black and white style, will certainly turn heads as well. Another thing that makes it unique is that Donaldson doesn't just star in it; according to the video's press release, he directed it, physically shot it himself and also edited it on his own. Coming from YouTube where the emphasis is on making your own content, Donaldson is bringing all of his skills to bear as he establishes his mainstream music career. He may have become notable for covering other people's music, but with "Options" he's putting his own songs on people's radar, and he doesn't want to just be seen as a singer either.

"I see myself as an all-around entertainer. The music I create is just one part of a greater vision," Donaldson said in the single's press release. "Every aspect of my vision from the emotion of the music to the energy of the performance and visuals are all little puzzle pieces that I put together into a bigger production. Something I’ve worked hard to pull off with "Options.'"

"Options" is now available on iTunes. Jake Donaldson has not announced any upcoming tour dates, but music fans can keep up with him on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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