We absolutely love the ‘BTS World’ mobile game, here's why

Throw out everything you thought you knew about mobile games and say hello to ‘BTS World.’

The premise of the story-based simulation game is simple - while on your way to see BTS in a 2019 concert, something happens that zaps you back to 2012 before the boys officially became the band we know and love today. You uncover that you work for Big Hit Entertainment as the band’s manager and must help them make their debut and manage their careers.

Along the way, you collect player cards that are used to complete various missions. Collecting and upgrading these cards, along with decision-based interactions, allow the player to mold their own story and even interact with BTS in the game through 1-on-1 interactions. 

So we’ve got our premise and basic gameplay --  but what is it about this game that makes it truly unique? Well…

It's a unique way to tell the story of BTS
‘BTS World’ provides such a unique platform for fans to feel connected to the band. The intimacy of the game brings a whole new level of being ARMY. It allows fans to feel completely ingrained with the band’s history and story, which is a true gift.

The game does a fantastic job of showing the charisma of each member of the group both individually and as a unit. Anyone playing — whether you’re a longtime ARMY or new — will be grinning ear to ear watching the adorable antics of the group play out because let's face it, they're freakin' ADORABLE.

Obviously, the inclusion of music was a big priority for a game centered around the world’s biggest boy band. They didn’t just splice together old soundbites and slap them in the game - no, BTS made a whole darn soundtrack to accompany the experience.

The emotion and passion BTS put into this project shows. Like...I’m not saying I tear up every single time a clip from “Heartbeat” plays, but I’m also saying since the song dropped I have to carry around a box of tissues wherever I go (just in case). 

Alongside “Heartbeat” and three previously released collab track, the album features tracks by two other Korean acts — the utterly inspiring “You Are Here,” from Big Hit labelmate Lee Hyun, and the entirely adorable indie number “LaLaLa,” from the female duo Okdal. The rest of the album includes musical themes for each member of the band (so seven in total). Not only are these themes just freakin’ groovy, but they captive the members in a very unique way and fit in the game chapters fluidly.

((Real talk though - can the lullaby version of “DNA” from the login screen lull me to sleep every night for the rest of all entirety? Please and thank you.))

The graphics and visuals are S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.  
This game is truly cinematic. The layout and color scheme are breathtaking -- visually the whole thing flows nicely.

Though the best part of the game is the clips and images that are used to tell the story of each member and the band throughout the years. Before its official release, the game promised tons of exclusive content, including 10,000 new photos and 100 exclusive video clips — and oh boy...did it deliver. Seriously, this game is FILLED with new video clips, photos, voice messages, and recordings from all seven members. All these visuals work to tell the narrative and immerse the player in the tale, truly making them feel like they’re part of the BTS story. 

The game is wickedly intuitive
“BTS World” is an experimental masterpiece. The illusion of being able to text and video chat the members of BTS will send any ARMY heartbeat racing. 

The varying gameplay elements and layered stories make it a game you’ll keep coming back to. The choice-based selection and "multi-verse" stories are also a fun touch for every player to experience something different. 

Having different members provide instructions and gameplay advice along the way is also incredibly helpful and just so dang cute. Overall, the story layering and experience has a nice flow and splices in photos and videos of the boys in all the right places. 

Decisions, decisions… 
OMGoodness -- I really didn’t know how much I needed to play dress-up with BTS until this game came out but holy moly, it’s so much fun! Granted my terrible fashion eye wouldn’t do these boys justice IRL, but there’s something so special about being able to put bunny ears on these boys. 

It’s also enjoyable to be able to make all sorts of different choices for the band - between big business decisions to what to eat, the power really is in the hand of the player.

We love our Bangtan Boys <3
There's really no need to elaborate on this one (◕‿◕✿)