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Although the story has fallen out of the headlines, the people of Puerto Rico are still desperate for help following the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Two months after the powerful category 4 storm made landfall on Sept. 20, less than half of the country has access to power and one-in-ten Puerto Ricans is still without potable water, according to NBC News.

The tragic situation has compelled countless Americans to volunteer their time and resources to assisting the embattled U.S. territory. The L.A.-based alt rock favorites Silversun Pickups are among those who are doing their part to help Puerto Rico. Last month, the band announced a special charity concert at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Nov. 25, with 100% of proceeds going to the Hispanic Federation's "UNIDOS" fund.

Prior to the event, we reached out to the band over email to find out how the concert came together and what else their fans can do to help. Check out their answers below; a limited number of tickets are still available for the event, click here to get yours and help support a very worthy cause.

AXS: How did the benefit come together?
Brian Aubert:
Not long after the hurricane hit, I felt compelled to action. I called the band and everyone got on board immediately. The amazing Ace Hotel gave us their venue and everyone else involved in production was on board. We had to do it.

AXS: What is the band's connection to Puerto Rico?
None of us [have one]. We want to help these people that feel abandoned by their country. Half of my family is Hawaiian and hurricane damage is so devastating. But at least Hawaii had the nation’s support. Puerto Rico is a part of us. Puerto Rico is a part of Earth. That’s all we need to know.

AXS: Why did you guys decide to work with UNIDOS?
Honestly, Lin-Manuel Miranda. He’s such a vocal force of positivity and action that we just wanted to work with who he supported. UNIDOS is quite open, thorough, and transparent in their goals. We’re proud to be with them.

AXS: How else can your fans get involved in helping the people of Puerto Rico?
[Visit] Do what you can...