‘Weird Al’ Yankovic has a moment on Tom Green Live

In a brilliant move that utilized a remarkable convergence of hard work, fortune, and precise timing, AXS TV’s A-list interviewer Tom Green invited “Weird Al” Yankovic onto his live show last Thursday for a one hour in-depth interview. What made the program so distinctive was the fact that over the noted parodist’s nearly 40 years of pop fame, last week was the biggest week of his career. After four decades of success, Billboard was poised to release the news that Yankovic’s new album Mandatory Fun had achieved the coveted No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart — Al’s first ever and also the first No. 1 comedy album in 50 years! When Tom presented Yankovic with the framed chart from the soon to be printed issue of Billboard, “Weird Al” was so moved, he needed a moment to pull himself together before continuing with the interview.

“This is your number one on Billboard” Tom stated, handing Yankovic the framed page. Touched by the gesture, Al appeared to be fighting back tears of joy as the audience and crew applauded. The celebrity placed his hand against his chest and fumbled for words, finally confessing, “I’m having a moment.”

Tom Green’s status in the entertainment world regularly lands him one-on-ones with some of the biggest names in entertainment. His quirky serious/fun nature keeps the audience and his guests on an emotional edge as neither is ever truly sure if the next instant will prove to be silly or touching.

Some of the other gems from the July 24 broadcast were Al’s astute business advice, such as, “I learned never to record in a bathroom again.” Or, details on the extremes Yankovic takes to get an artist’s “okay.” Specifically, that night he outlined exactly what he had to to get Iggy Azalea to say yes for his “Fancy” parody entitled “Handy.”

If you missed the interview, don’t worry, AXS TV will be presenting two encore broadcasts of the landmark episode: Wednesday, July 30 at 10 p.m. eastern and Thursday, July 31 at 1 a.m. eastern.

And, on his next show, airing live on Thursday, July 31 at 9 p.m. eastern “mighty icons of the Great White North come together on ‘Tom Green Live’ when Tom interviews fellow Canadian entertainer Alan Thicke. Actor, talk-show host, songwriter and author, Thicke may be best-known as the dad on television series ‘Growing Pains,’ but he’s also the real-life father of pop singer Robin Thicke, and is starring in the new sitcom/reality TV hybrid ‘Unusually Thicke.’” For more information on Tom Green Live, visit www.axs.tv.