Ivan Moody lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch at Lunatic Luau in Virginia Beach
Ivan Moody lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch at Lunatic Luau in Virginia Beach
Photo submission approved by Samantha Tino, Personal photo from cell phone

Every year metal heads through-out the country count down to the month of May, and for a very good reason of course… Its festival season! When the festivals get announced you can see the excitement all over Facebook, out of the 8 festivals this month (May 2016) it’s almost nearly impossible to decide which ones to attend. For this AXS Contributor, the decision is based on where the festival is located, the headliners, and of course the date.

We have “Fort Rock” starting off the season on April 30th in “Fort Myers, FL”. “Rob Zombie”, “Five Finger Death Punch”, and “Anthrax” are just a few of the bands playing this year. On the same weekend as “Fort Rock”, is “Welcome To Rockville” in “Jacksonville, Fl”. From May 6 to May 7th, you can attend “Carolina Rebellion” at “Rock City Campground”. If you cant make that one, check out “Lunatic Luau” on May 6th in “Virginia Beach”. “Northern Invasion” and “Rock Fest” are both on May 14th this year, while “Rock Fest” is a smaller scale festival, “Northern Invasion” will have more bands to watch. Next we have a very special festival this year, it’s the 10th anniversary of “Rocklahoma”, during this 3 day festival you can catch bands like “Scorpions”, “Chevelle”, “3 Doors Down”, “Avatar”, and many more!

However if you can only attend one festival this year, you should highly consider “Rock On The Range” in “Columbus, OH”. This is one of the largest scaled festivals held all year and with good reason, you’ll get to see over 50 of your favorite bands, cant get any better than that! However if you can’t make it this year, AXS TV broadcasts live coverage from the 3-day festival. Whether you go to one festival or all of them, you’re promised to have a great time! With all the food, the bands, the rides, you will not be bored, and that’s a promise!

If you can’t attend any, don’t be upset, catch “Rock On The Range” when it airs on AXS TV in May. For more information on The Worlds Loudest month check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WorldsLoudestMonth or check out http://worldsloudestmonth.com to buy tickets, check out set times, and more!