What to expect at Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass

If you are there, or perhaps on your way to Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass, you are well aware it is not simply a music festival. It's not a mere mega-concert, though there will be that. It's not just a multi-day collaboration of bands, though there's that, also. It's a soul-enhancing adventure. It's an extended weekend for your mind and body. It's artisan meals, meditation, microbrew and more. And, yes, there are also a bunch of incredible musicians. Try to save time for that.

Aspen Snowmass Resort would be an incredible place to stop for lunch. Now imagine spending days there, in a row, surrounded by bliss, beauty, nature, professional musicians and yoga instructors. Throw in sake tasting and a vast array of adventure, relaxation, meditation, conditioning, retreat and rehabilitation modes, and you've got Wanderlust.

The bad news, tonight's "Self Massage with Balls" class is full. If you are looking for reasons to go on, the evenings headline event, the Wanderlust Spectacular, featuring DJ Drez and yoga pioneer Shakti Sunfire, is beckoning. This kickoff spectacular is an artistic fusion of music and movement. At Wanderlust, there is no audience. Okay, there's an audience, but you don't just stand there and watch. You don't really hang out dancing in your own little circle, like at your other favorite music festival. At Wanderlust you attend and participate. Live vocals by Marti Nikko accompanies the DJ, and inspiring imagry, and artistic AcroYoga accompanies that. It's a confluence of a concert and massive yoga class, and it goes on all weekend.

In between the concerts, classes and concert-classes, try your hand and stretch your mind, body and soul with a hike, massage, music and hula hoop lesson, dance, cleanse, run, reading, seminar, Buddhist reflection and aquaYoga. And that's all before 10am. The days are resplendent with entertaining and enlightening experiences. You are welcome to enjoy anything and everything your heart desires and schedule can accommodate. Yet, again, this is not the type of festival that invites you to overindulge, excessively consume and under-nourish. Quite, and exactly the opposite. You cannot help but fill your soul even with a scantly impacted itinerary.

You can't swing a yoga mat without hitting a certified professional. Instead of that though, signup for some innovative instruction. Explore the sustainable and maniacally-healthy Food Co-op. Sandwich Saturday night's Moby spectacular with skin-care stargazing and rafting excursions. Whatever your pursuit, as long as it's healthy and spirit-building, you'll find it at Wanderlust, and you'll find out how much more fulfilling it is mostly sober and drenched in glorious woodlands.