What to expect from IMPACT! Wrestling on AXS TV
IMPACT! Wrestling

One of the largest wrestling companies in the world, IMPACT Wrestling airs every week on the AXS TV network. Home to lots of star wrestlers, including Ken Shamrock, Moose (former NFL player Quinn Ojinnaka), Rob Van Dam, Tessa Blanchard, and Tommy Dreamer, IMPACT’s roster features a healthy mix of veterans, rising stars and homegrown talent.

On the afternoon of October 24, 2019, IMPACT Wrestling hosted a conference call for select writers, editors, and podcasters. Below are eight of the things I learned from the talent on the call -- which included participation from company EVP Scott D'Amore, World Champion Brian Cage, and Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie -- about what is to come from IMPACT in the coming months and years on AXS TV.

A "TNA One Night Only" pay-per-view is a possibility
According to EVP Scott D'Amore, IMPACT does not shy away from its "TNA roots." The company does not "run" from its history, instead, it embraces it. This sort of pay-per-view -- which the company previously did with ECW stars -- is being considered, although the company is "pretty early in the process."

Never say never when it comes to a Team Canada reunion
When a writer inquired to D'Amore about a Team Canada reunion, he answered that "it's something that comes up from long-time viewers and fans" and that he is "especially so proud and honored" that people view Team Canada so favorably. Referring to his former Team Canada cohorts, he praised Bobby Roode, Peter Williams, and Eric Young, and noted that "if the time was right for a reunion," it's a possibility.

Intergender matches are a source of pride for the company
A participating writer asked if the company's recent intergender matches have caused any problems with partners or sponsors. Said D'Amore: "We've seen no blowback from any of other sponsors... We're very proud to be at the forefront of that being out there." He added that the intergender matches show that "anything is possible, whether you're a male or a female."

Kylie Rae's recent surprise appearance may not have been a one-off
At "Bound For Glory," IMPACT fans were surprised to see wrestler Kylie Rae make an appearance in the evening's gauntlet match. D'Amore praised Kylie Rae as an "amazing performer" who "has a charisma that few performers do." When asked if she is going to part of more IMPACT events, D'Amore responded that "the door is certainly open." With a laugh, Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie added that she is "more than happy to humiliate her over and over again."

The Knockouts Division of IMPACT is likely to keep growing
When praised by a participating writer about the company's Knockouts Division, D'Amore said that IMPACT is "always on the lookout for great talent." He added "You're going to continue to see new talent emerge in the Knockouts Division and in the men's division" and that a Knockouts Tag Team Championship may be reintroduced in the future.

IMPACT likes having competition
There is undoubtedly a lot of wrestling on television these days -- AXS TV is also home to weekly programming from Women Of Wrestling (WOW) and New Japan Pro-Wrestling -- which in no way worries or intimidates IMPACT. Explained D'Amore: "In order for us to succeed, they don't have to fail... Competition is great. Competition breeds innovation, which is good for everybody." D'Amore also later commented "stronger together" is his view when asked if IMPACT would be open to collaborating with the other wrestling companies shown on AXS TV, also pointing out that IMPACT currently works with Mexico's AAA Lucha Libre and the Louisville, Kentucky-based Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Expansion back into the United Kingdom is likely
IMPACT is looking back into becoming a regular touring entity within the United Kingdom. Nothing that England was previously a key market for IMPACT within its TNA incarnation, D'Amore expanded: "The U.K. has been a very strong and vital market for IMPACT Wrestling. It's high on our list of markets to get to."

AXS TV is not imposing restrictions on IMPACT
D'Amore was asked whether IMPACT Wrestling was subject to creative limitations from AXS TV. He began: "We consider ourselves TV-14... We will stick within the guidelines that are specified for TV-14." However, he sees the company continuing to push beyond the "artificial barriers" if it means for great content and interesting storylines.