Who will win season 12 of The Voice?

Monday begins the two-night season finale of NBC's "The Voice." There are just two episodes left before audiences find out who the winner is going to be of Season 12 of the singing competition. Fans can watch a preview of the finale above, but which of the four finalists has the best chance at being named "The Voice" based on their season so far?

4) Jesse Larson

Adam Levine's only finalist comes into the finale at a bit of a disadvantage because he had to earn his spot via Twitter Instant Save. That's normally a sign that the artist's vote support is shrinking, because otherwise they wouldn't need to be saved by social media. It's also worth noting that Larson hasn't had any of his songs reach the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart since the live playoffs began. He has one positive on his side in that he's on Team Adam, so Levine's fans will likely turn out to vote for him. But he just hasn't shown the results to prove he can be a contender.

3) Chris Blue

The last remaining finalist for Alicia Keys isn't much better off than Larson. Blue is another case of a "Voice" artist who has quietly moved their way through the competition without doing anything in either direction. He was never up for elimination at any point in the live playoffs, but he also never had a solo single make it into the iTunes Top 10 until this past week, when both his solo single and his cover was his duet performance with Vanessa Ferguson charted. Blue may be consistent, but he's shown himself to be consistently in the middle, and to win the show you have to do something to stand out.

2) Aliyah Moulden

The first of Blake Shelton's two finalists, Moulden has developed into a stronger artist as the playoffs have gone on. Her cover of "I Can Only Imagine" earned her the first Top 10 single she's had all season last week, suggesting that she's picking up momentum. But what she has to worry about is that she's in the finals with another member of Team Blake, which will likely result in Shelton's fans splitting their votes between his two finalists. And when that happens, Moulden may not have as much to offer as the more high-profile Lauren Duski.

1) Lauren Duski

Lauren Duski has to be the odds-on favorite to win Season 12 of "The Voice." She's one of only two artists who had more than one single reach the iTunes Top 10, and the only one still in the competition. In five weeks of live playoffs, she had three singles chart, and they have been over the last three weeks (including last week's "Ghost in this House") suggesting that she, too, has also found a her stride. And like Chris Blue, Duski has never been up for elimination once this season. The difference is that she has Shelton as her coach, and his fans and fans of country music come out in force for "The Voice" finals. With all those things in mind, she's the likely winner.

"The Voice" finale begins Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.