Why Team Alicia will win 'The Voice' season 14

"The Voice" has announced its season 14 finalists, and Alicia Keys has a chance to finish her return to the NBC singing competition in style by picking up her second victory in as many seasons. Team Alicia has one of four finalists with soulful pop artist Britton Buchanan, and here are three reasons why he is lined up to lift the trophy when "The Voice" season 14 winner is revealed next week:

1) He's a charmer

There's always that one artist in every season of "The Voice" who's a handsome guy that the ladies fall over, and in "The Voice" season 14, that's undoubtedly Britton Buchanan. Audiences have liked the 17-year-old ever since he was literally the very first person to audition for this season way back in February. That charisma can go a long way in what's essentially a popularity contest, since America will be voting for the finalist they like the most. Even more proof of Britton's popularity came out Tuesday when he earned the last Twitter Instant Save; play the video above to see the Instant Save performance that had viewers saving him from elimination and making him eligible to win "The Voice."

2) iTunes, iTunes, iTunes

All of "The Voice" season 14 finalists have found success on the iTunes Singles Chart. None of them have dominated, but the one who has the most Top 10 singles on iTunes? That's Britton Buchanan, who has been there for the last three weeks in a row. He has momentum on iTunes, which is all the more important when you consider that finalists get extra votes every time someone downloads their songs on iTunes. Not only that, but if Britton makes the Top 10 for a fourth week after Monday's final performance episode, his total number of iTunes votes will be multiplied by ten! It's easy to see how he could go from almost eliminated this week to the winner of "The Voice" next week.

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3) Alicia is a savvy coach

Blake Shelton may have the most wins on "The Voice" but if there's anyone who can give him a run for his money, it's Alicia Keys. She had the winner in season 12 with Chris Blue, beating out not one but two of Team Blake's artists, which is exactly what she'll have to do again this season if Britton is going to give Alicia her second victory. Alicia has demonstrated she knows how to make the little choices that help an artist look even better, whether it's song selection or giving them the specific piece of advice they need to take their performance to the next level. Britton may not be the favorite going into the finale, but as far as underdogs go, he's a very strong one.

"The Voice" season 14 finale begins Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC. For more on Alicia Keys, visit her artist page at AXS.