Why Team Blake will win The Voice season 13

With "The Voice" season 13 coming to a close, Blake Shelton is the favorite to be the winning coach for yet another season. He's the only coach with more than one artist left in the NBC singing competition, and Chloe Kohanski and Red Marlow have both done more than enough for America to vote one of them to the top. Before the results are revealed on Tuesday, here's why Team Blake will win "The Voice" season 13.

1) Blake has the majority of finalists

Once again, America has voted more Team Blake artists into the finals than any other team. With Chloe Kohanski and Red Marlow, Shelton has half of the finalist pool, giving him a 50 percent chance of winning on Tuesday. An upset is still possible (like the one he pulled off in season 7 when Adam Levine had 75 percent of the finalists), but the mathematical odds are clearly in Team Blake's favor. Not to mention the biggest number that matters, which is the five previous wins that he already has - just less than half of the victories in "Voice" history.

2) His finalists appeal to both audiences

No matter which way you slice it, Blake Shelton has a "Voice" finalist who can win over the majority of voters. There's long been a belief that "The Voice" leans heavily toward country music, and Shelton has a traditional country artist in Red Marlow; their coach duet from Monday night's show (which you can watch above) is as country as it gets. So if country voters really are the "Voice" majority, Shelton has their best (and their only) option. Those audiences looking for something else have it in Chloe Kohanski, who established herself late in "The Voice" season 13 as a big pop singer, particularly of 1980's numbers. She appeals to the more pop audience and the younger demographic. Shelton's lineup seems to check off every box that voters will be looking for.

3) Chloe Kohanski's iTunes results

Speaking of Chloe Kohanski, she's this season's darling on the iTunes Singles Chart. There's always one artist in every season of "The Voice" who becomes the clear favorite when they start making the Top 10 on the iTunes charts week after week. Kohanski has done that all but one week of the live playoffs, including on Monday night when all of her songs were already charting after the episode. iTunes downloads count as votes, so Kohanski has a sizeable number of them already in the bag. That's not bad at all for someone who was almost eliminated when she lost her Team Miley knockout round.

"The Voice" finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC.