Why Team Blake will win 'The Voice' season 14

"The Voice" has announced its season 14 finalists, and it looks like this season of the NBC singing competition will once again be dominated by Blake Shelton. The country hitmaker is the winningest coach on "The Voice" and here are three reasons why he's poised to make it back-to-back victories when "The Voice" season 14 winner is revealed next week:

1) His popularity

This comes up every year, but Blake Shelton is incredibly popular among "Voice" viewers. That's obvious because he's won more than any other coach and had at least one finalist in almost every season of the show. Part of the reason "The Voice" has lasted so long is because of Blake Shelton. There's also a large segment of the audience that doesn't vote for the artists, but for their favorite coach. Blake has a huge fan base of his own, and those people will vote for a Team Blake artist just to help him win again. If it comes down to just those extra couple of votes, Blake easily can round up a few either from his existing fans or the casual viewers who like watching him on the show. Just play the video above to watch his latest performance on "The Voice" and see how the audience loves him.

2) He has multiple finalists

Team Blake is the only team that has more than one artist in "The Voice" season 14. With both Kyla Jade and Spensha Baker in the finale, Blake has a 50 percent chance of winning before anyone even sings a note. Another important statistic is that both of those finalists got through on America's votes, meaning that they clearly have a voting base amongst the show's audience. Neither Kyla nor Spensha was ever up for elimination during any of "The Voice" live playoff episodes; they both got through with enough votes the whole season. So they have to be considered the favorites, because there's something about them that people have been consistently voting for.

3) The competition is at a disadvantage

Not to take anything away from either Brynn Cartelli or Britton Buchanan, but they're not set up for success the way that Team Blake's artists are. Brynn is working with a first-time coach in Kelly Clarkson, who's fantastic but doesn't have the seasons upon seasons of experience that Blake does. Meanwhile, Britton just squeaked into the finals thanks to the Twitter Instant Save, which is usually an indication that the singer doesn't have a huge amount of support (or they wouldn't have needed to be saved). Both the other finalists will have something to overcome if they want to beat Blake.

"The Voice" season 14 finale begins Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC. For more on Blake Shelton, visit his artist page at AXS.