Will Butler and Jo Firestone to bring jokes and jams to The Sinclair
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Ahead of Arcade Fire's imminent return, band member Will Butler will use his final hours of alone time for a solo show at The Sinclair in Boston on April 11. While Butler spends most of his time with his bro and company in the acclaimed Montreal band, the multi-instrument is also an Academy Award-nominated composer (he co-wrote the score for 2014's Her) and a solo artist.

Butler released his first solo project Policy in 2015 and followed it up with the live "comedy" album Friday Night, which featured five new tracks recorded at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall in June 2015. "Think of this as a comedy record," he said in a press release. "In some ways literally—Brooklyn comedian Jo Firestone does the introduction and the “solo” in “Friday Night”—but also, it’s an album based on working out ideas in a room full of people, playing off their energy and expectations. It’s about taking complicated emotions and wringing communal joy from them, and then translating that joy onto record." 

Jo Firestone, who will join Butler at the April 11 show, directed the music video for the title track "Friday Night" (watch above). She recently made headlines for her impersonation of Betsy Devos on the Tonight Show. Grab tickets to Butler and Firestone at the Sinclair on April 11 here