William Michael Morgan makes impressive New Year national TV debut on ‘Today’
YouTube--Grand Ole Opry

William Michael Morgan has started the year 2017 off in a style that countless country hopefuls dream of, with a national TV debut, among other delightful happenings.  The lanky song stylist certainly fits the age-old “tall, dark and handsome” definition, with humor and manners to boot.  “I’m the one that’s honored,” responded the singer to Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush-Hager in the Jan.4 final “Today” hour, deflecting the lavish praise from the host for choosing their stage as “the one” for his prime and premiere exposure.  Today may be the first on a national stage for William Michael Morgan, but he already is in some very good company among country talent, and his name is already shooting up the search engines now. 

Proud to perform “my very first Number One in 2016,” William Michael Morgan led into his hit, “I Met a Girl,” which is edging to 10 million views since its November, 2015 original posting.  The easy country ballad was co-written with Sam Hunt, who turned the casual mentality of “get drunk and screw,” to borrow a turn from Jimmy Buffett, on its ear with his soulful, pop-inflected “Take Your Time.” As it turns out, Hunt shares something else with his recent collaborator, William Michael Morgan, being a man now off the market.  Hunt made his honorable intentions known to the world and Hannah Lee Fowler, without too much added fanfare.  William Michael Morgan reportedly got down on the knee to ask the hand of Jennifer Wayne of Runaway June, who lovingly posted the pair’s clasped hands, with the caption, “It's you and me...Forever” on her social media.

The baritone crooner perfectly delivered the simple lines of his song that speak simple themes of lasting love, as in “She crossed the street, she crossed my heart, she fixed her dress,” and a myriad of other mindless actions that make such impression on an intended heart.  William Michael Morgan is already a practiced performer, akin to the youthful look of a country Paul McCartney, and like the legend, he has mastered looking straight into the camera, and seeking out his specific audience to receive his song, and the message is certainly being received.  His rich vocals are accentuated by stellar musicianship of his band. The classic, unique-to-country, low guitar tones tempt the listener further, making the song more memorable, and sending more masses, female and contemporary country alike, to buy the album, “Vinyl.” The second single, “Missing” is already out there from the Vicksburg, MS native, and a boosting surge of star power is sure to happen after today for William Michael Morgan.