With zombies and attitude, Guinevere is a different kind of pop singer

Guinevere will never be mistaken for your run of the mill young female pop star. A self-described "dark pop diva," she's a legitimate, non-manufactured talent who can truly perform. She also happens to have a very unique style, one that stems from her passion for the likes of "Star Trek," "Star Wars" and the "Call of Duty" video game franchise. Don't ever call her a shrinking violet.

The Canadian singer loves to craft a good story, and that's evident in her first hit single, "Ran For My Life." The video features her battling a horde of hungry zombies in a fight for survival, and it's appealing both in sound and vision. Yet not just satisfied with a great video, the imaginative Guinevere took the concept one step further by creating a second interactive version on her website, which allows the audience to choose which weapons she uses to dispatch her walking dead attackers and makes them part of the action.

But beneath the beat and the entertainment value of defeating a zombie with a baseball bat, there's also real meaning in the music. "Obviously, [the song] wasn't written about what would happen if I was attacked by zombies," Guinevere told Starpulse. "It's an extreme way of putting what it would be like to be in an abusive relationship and getting out of that...I thought why not make a zombie-type video, because it just fits so perfectly with the tone of the music."

That same blend of entertaining storytelling and serious meaning exists in all of her music. Her single "Fly Away," which has cracked the top ten on Billboard's dance charts, has the same pop as "Ran For My Life." It also deals with a similar theme, presenting a message of liberating yourself from love gone wrong. "I consider this a positive song, with a clear, strong message that you can break free," the singer explained in her official biography. "I think everyone has experienced being stuck in a bad relationship at some point in their life."

It's clear even as she is in the ascendant stage of her career that Guinevere will not fit into the normal mold. Her interests and style are different and present an image of a young woman who can hang with the boys; at the same time, she's not looking to make music that's fun and forgettable. She's out to say something, and she's doing it with verve.

Guinevere has recently been seen supporting Jesse McCartney on his tour for his new album In Technicolor, and there are more adventures ahead for her - and her audiences - in the future. Keep up with Guinevere at AXS.