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There is a new rock band on the rise emerging in Northern California. Dave Holmes on vocals and guitar, Steve Moriarty on drums, Sven Soderlund on lead guitar and Joe Garcia on bass make up the band mates of Wolves In Argyle. Their sound is contemporary-retro with power guitar riffs riding on driving percussion throughout their original music. Together they have fused friendship and musical synergy to emerge as a new Northern California rock band that is changing the face of rock music in today’s market.

It all began at a dinner meeting. Vocalist and guitarist, Dave Holmes, met up with Drummer, Steve Moriarty, for dinner at a traditional Mexican restaurant in Oakland called Tamarindo. Over the course of a delicious meal of fresh tapas and beverages, Holmes and Moriarty discovered that they each wanted to get together and create a new band. Moriarty was seeking a new ensemble post the Gits. Holmes was seeking a band to explore the sound of rock music together

“Steve Moriarty is a buddy of mine. He is one of the kindest hearts I have come across in playing music. Our friendship is a lot stronger today. It’s even stronger than our musical connection which is powerful, “Dave Holmes told AXS.

What happened after that meeting led to Holmes and Moriarty meeting up in a studio and jamming for hours. Holmes soon brought on board his Facebook friend/Guitarist, Sven Soderlund and bassist, Joe Garcia to complete the ensemble.

Now on a weekly basis all four musicians find themselves getting together for garage jam sessions which run from three to four hours at a time. Holmes recently went so far as to transform his living room into a studio while they build out a major studio from ground up in Northern California. Holmes credits the band’s synergy as a solid musical unit along with his partner and IT expert, Charmagne  Eierman, as key to the band’s current success and movement. “Charmagne is an extension of the band keeping us all together. She hooked up our band’s apparel and other things we needed to create our current movement.”

Wolves in Argyle’s new release, “Northern Lies,” was recorded in a power jam session recorded by music producer, Jack Endino, best known for his work with Soundgarden and Nirvana. In addition, the band is riding the wave of their current movement including their new distribution deal with Street Scholar Music Group/Bungalo/ Universal Music Group. The band is currently preparing for a national tour with Thaddeus Gonzalez joining them as a support act. Gonzalez is currently on the ballot for consideration for the 2017 Grammys.

When asked about what is next, Holmes shared,” Our music drives our motivation. It's all we've ever known. With 2 albums already written, we are highly motivated to tour half the year for the next few years.”

Sitting by the water watching the clouds part after a good rain today, Holmes shared, “I do feel that there is a change in the air coming. Hopefully for the better when it comes to music. I feel good about what we are doing here today. Behind our music is a message of hope.”