WWE Clash of Champions preview: 5 reasons why Sunday will be a Happy Rusev Day
Video by WWE

Rusev and Aiden English have built a ton of momentum heading into this weekend's historic WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view spectacular, laying waste to top competition over the past couple weeks on SmackDown. On last week's episode, they took out The Usos in a "Fight of the Night" performance that will not soon be forgotten.

Rusev and English appeared later in the episode with a slick promo that highlighted the former's comedic stylings. In honor of their hotly-anticipated title match on Dec. 17 in Boston, here's a look at five reasons why Sunday will be Rusev Day:

1) A fresh line of merch to sell.

The WWE recently unveiled a line of shirts with the "Happy Rusev Day" catch phrase. Even with Christmas coming up, the shirts aren't going to sell themselves. If the promotion wants to make this item a hot seller for the holiday season, it would make sense to script Rusev and English to walk away with their hands raised -- and with belts around their waist -- on fight night in Boston.

2) Pushing Aiden English.

Let's be real: "Rusev Day" is as much about English as it is about the Bulgarian Brute. For the 30-year-old English, teaming with Rusev is a chance at redemption after his failed stint with the Vaudevillains. It could be his last chance to get over with WWE Universe and cement himself on the roster for the years to come. To his credit, he has done an excellent job adapting from his old-timey role with the Vaudevillains -- molding his character into a bit of a singer and hype man.

3) Rusev has never won a tag team title belt.

The Usos and New Day never fail to put on exciting performances. And the team of Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin are certainly worthy of being in the tag team title picture. But with the "Rusev Day" gimmick working well and with the team building serious momentum the past two weeks on SmackDown, it feels like the right time for the Usos to drop the belts to a duo that has never won the titles before. Rusev is a former United States champion. He has never won a tag team belt.

4) Creating further distance from Lana.

Just a short time ago, WWE crowds would chant for Lana to pop out from backstage during Rusev's matches. That's part of the reason why the Ravishing Russian is no longer by his side during walk-outs. The WWE did a great job recognizing that Rusev is a special talent who deserves the utmost of respect from the audience. They knew he needed better treatment. Splitting him from Lana was a nice first step, but giving him a piece of the tag team title would elevate his profile even more and create further space from Lana.

5) Lack of depth in the division.

The Usos and New Day have been wreaking havoc atop SmackDown's tag team division for quite some time now. The thing is, there's a serious drop-off in talent after those two. Breezango and the Bludgeon Brothers are slowly inching closer to the title mix, but at this time it feels like English and Rusev are more deserving of anyone to get a championship victory.