WWE NXT LIVE! heading to Cleveland's Agora Theatre in March 2019

“WWE NXT Live!” has exploded over the years, bringing the power of the WWE to cities and towns that may be too small to host one of their flagship events.

So, what is “WWE NXT Live!?”

Well, in one respect, you could possibly call it the development league of the WWE. Established in 2010, WWE NXT is a farm system for the WWE, developing wrestlers from the Florida Championship Wrestling league to participate and compete to be the next big WWE star. Normally, WWE NXT events are held in Orlando, Florida, where the WWE has its development campus located.

However, officials at the WWE has seen the NXT events as a way to bring WWE events to markets that otherwise wouldn’t host one of their flagship programs. So, WWE NXT has hit the road and host events called “WWE NXT Live!,” which showcases the wrestling stars of tomorrow battling it out for future glory and fame.

The “WWE NXT Live!” event is a part reality show, part scripted, as it is, in both, a competition and as a way to train the new wrestlers of what they will expect if they make it to the big time. For the WWE fans in Cleveland, “WWE NXT Live!” is coming to the Agora Theatre in March!

Click here to get those tickets, and don’t miss out on seeing the WWE stars of tomorrow duke it out on the big stage!