WWE TLC 2016: Time for Alexa Bliss to taste championship gold
Video by Eric Holden

At the WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view spectacular, Alexa Bliss goes toe-to-toe with Becky Lynch in a Tables Match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship.

How will the match play out? The former NXT stars have been feuding for months, and it has made for extremely exciting television. Bliss' promo work has been top notch, while Lynch has also done a fine job holding her own on the mic. Let's be real: Their back-and-forth smack talk has been epic.

The grudge match between Lynch and Bliss will boil over in the squared circle at "TLC," and it's anyone's guess how the fight will go. Whoever walks away as SmackDown women's champ will be the one who can effectively implement their game-plan. Bliss may want to keep this thing standing, while Lynch is a grappling ace who might be more comfortable taking the action to the mat.

The fact that this bout is a Tables Match makes the finish even more unpredictable, as it could take just one throw through a table to incapacitate either woman. Going through a table could change the entire dynamic of the fight.

Here's the thing: "The Lass Kicker" has proven to be a durable, dynamic, hard-hitting champion, a tough out for anyone. Lynch can end fights either by pinfall or submission, as her "Dis-Arm-Her" finisher is one of the most devastating techniques in the game today.

The thing is, Bliss is a formidable opponent, with a unique arsenal and fighting style that's extremely tough to replicate. Lynch has probably been training hard for this match, but it was likely difficult for her to find sparring partners anywhere close to Bliss' size, stature and skill-set.

The pint-sized talent stands just 5'1" and weighs 102 pounds, making her fast, small and scrappy. Lynch is going to want to use her size and reach advantage on fight night. The title match between Bliss and Lynch, which emanates from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, is set for Dec. 4.