WWE: Women's Royal Rumble should be a standalone pay-per-view event
Video by WWE

The Royal Rumble has long been one of the WWE's marquee pay-per-view events. The reason, of course, is that its a unique gimmick and the stakes are high -- with the winner historically scoring a main event slot at WrestleMania.

Additionally, the 30-man contest has always been special because it happens just once a year. That all changed in 2018, as the first ever women's Royal Rumble went down on Jan. 28, on the same pay-per-view card as the men's rumble. 

The women's side of the event went over well, with the WWE bringing back past greats and bumping up future legends -- scripting "The Empress of Tomorrow" Asuka to reign supreme. The women's rumble also featured the official WWE debut of former UFC bantamweight champ "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey, plus a strong showing from "The Boss" Sasha Banks.

History was also made with the ladies picking up the top billing on the pay-per-view card, as the women closed out what was undoubtedly one of the WWE's best shows in years. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn't as lively as they could have been because by the time the women's rumble went down, they had already sat through a complete men's rumble.

The Philadelphia crowd appeared to be a bit burnt out by the time the women took the stage. It was quite clear that making fans sit through 60 entrances -- along with a slew of other matches in the same night -- was too much. 

What we did learn from the show was that an all-female Royal Rumble can do quite well. It just needs its own platform. Hopefully next year, the WWE will make the women's Royal Rumble a standalone pay-per-view event.