'X Factor UK' judge profile: Sassy, silly Scherzy serves up fabulous fun
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Nicole Scherzinger is sliding back into her seat on “The X Factor UK” judging panel this fall and her American fans can catch all her antics when the new season airs on AXS TV. To say she’s got a way with words feels like an understatement. Maybe it’s best to say she calls it like she sees it and sometimes even Simon Cowell is shocked at what comes out of the Hawaiian native’s mouth.

How could we forget when season 13 runner up Saara Aalto delivered a mind-blowing rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier” for her audition and Nicole told her it made her want “to twerk” before adding, “My ass wants to clap for you. That’s how good it was.” Or, how about when she told Virginia native Overs contender Christopher Peyton, “I’m about to hit you in the face Christopher, that was so good.”

Scherzy promised last season was going to be “fun” and she didn’t disappoint. Beyond her racy, raunchy, riotous comments she chair danced, swiveled her hips, flirted with her Boys team and graciously let her fellow judges dump popcorn over her head, check out some of the best moment in the video above. 

All kidding aside, the former Pussycat Dolls front woman is also known for dialing it down and showing her soft, sensitive side during emotional performances. Case in point is when last year’s winner Matt Terry was crowned she tearfully told him he was the reason she was supposed to come back to “The X Factor.”

Though the competition between “X Factor” judges is playful fun, she realizes what’s at stake for the aspiring artists on her team and she fights fiercely to give them all a shot at realizing their dreams. As such, she’s always a favorite among incoming contenders and she is certainly qualified to give them brilliant professional advice.

As an international superstar, Nicole Scherzinger has beauty and brilliance wrapped up in one fabulous package. The multi-talented, Grammy-nominated songstress is an accomplished feature film and theater actress, having starred in “Men in Black 3” and the West End revival of “Cats.” She impressively won season 10 of “Dancing with the Stars” and is a dedicated philanthropist, serving as an ambassador for UNICEF and a global ambassador for the Special Olympics.

Here are some things you may not know about Scherzy, that she revealed to Pop Justice in 2014: Church is her favorite place to be on a Sunday, her favorite cereal is Special K, she prefers regular Coke to Diet Coke, a hypothetical title to her autobiography could be “Balls to the Wall,” as a Hawaiian, she lives for flip flops and Simon Cowell smells like roses.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait to see what sort of shenanigans Scherzy stirs up this season on “The X Factor UK." Our hands our raised and flying high! Be sure to tune into AXS TV for “The X Factor UK” this fall so you don’t miss a single minute of fun and stay tuned to AXS for "X Factor UK" updates.