Yoko Ono may finally receive songwriting credit for John Lennon’s iconic hit, ‘Imagine’

Of all the timeless hits that John Lennon helped write throughout his short, but impactful time as a Beatle and solo artist, his 1971 song “Imagine” may still be the most iconic. Released at the end of the very turbulent 1960s and during the heart of the Vietnam War, the song’s utopian ideals still provide hope and a feeling of positivity for those who question what humans could really achieve in this world if they let go of all the other baggage. 45 years after the song's release, Lennon’s famous wife, Yoko Ono, may get credit as one of the writer’s for the song, Variety reports.

At an annual event for the National Music Publishers Association on Wednesday, Yoko and her (and John’s) son Sean were the recipients of the organization’s Centennial Song award for “Imagine.” It was during the ceremony where NMPA CEO David Israelite informed guests that Yoko would be added as the song’s co-writer, per John’s long ago wish.

While it was certainly a feel-good moment for Yoko, the addition has not been made official just yet. Anyone who has followed the Beatles and Lennon’s career post-breakup knows that there’s always some legality issues with their catalog due to the bankability of their name and music.  

The song has been famously covered by numerous pop artists throughout the years, including Jack Johnson, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga and Neil Young.