You can own John Mayer’s new acoustic guitar model for an easy $15k
Martin Guitar/YouTube

On Thursday, C. F. Martin & Company, arguably one of the world’s most respected acoustic guitar manufacturers, announced their new model customized by and for John Mayer. Named the “D-45 John Mayer,” the latest production of their signature series was created out of Guatemalan Rosewood and Engelmann spruce, and certainly offers a lovely and finely crafted version of their already popular D-45 Dreadnought model.

While Mayer’s new model is something to behold, and probably play, it’s also for sale to any aspiring guitar player out there looking to get rid of that extra $14,999 they have sitting around. Yup, if you want to look and sound as good on stage as John Mayer does while using the the same model guitar that he plays, it’s going to cost you. $15k may be a lot for a few pieces of wood, but a brand like Martin has firmly established itself as one of the finest guitar craftsman around, so it’s totally worth it.

The axe was co-designed by Mayer, who has never been shy about using his meticulous obsession with design and visual aesthetic on projects ranging from sneakers to guitars. The new model also features an interior label personally signed by Mayer himself, which is worth at least $4k out of the total sale price.

Mayer has been using Martin guitars in his live set and studio recordings throughout his entire career. He made headlines back in 2014 when he publicly split from his longtime friends at Fender, claiming that “the company today isn’t the same one [he] started out with.” Don’t feel too bad though, as he quickly began using PRS Guitars much more frequently. The more rock-friendly brand has been his go-to choice on stage during every Dead & Company concert, and is often used in those silly Instagram posts of his.

2017 was one of the busier years Mayer has had in quite some time. The veteran songwriter released his seventh studio album, The Search For Everything, back in April, and reunited with his John Mayer Trio pals for a world tour throughout much of the spring and summer. He also spent his summer jamming on with his Dead & Company family, until an emergency appendix surgery forced the tour to end abruptly back on Dec. 5.