Angus Young pulled a fast one on GNR to welcome them to Australia.

Angus Young pulled a fast one on GNR to welcome them to Australia.

Guns N' Roses/Instagram

Usually airport security is no joke. But when you’re a rockstar there are ways around these things. Guns N’ Roses recently headed to Australia for a string of shows Down Under. There has been much speculation as to whether AC/DC guitarist Angus Young—whom Axl Rose joined for a portion of AC/DC’s 2016 tour—would join GNR onstage. While a sit-in would be great, the way Young welcomed GNR to his country is almost just as good.

After touching down in Sydney, as Guitar World reported, for the most recent leg of their "Not In This Lifetime" tour, GNR were held on the plane for “security checks.” While this may have been cause for concern when the band had an appetite for destruction, the new GNR surely brushed it off as formality. But after waiting for a while, they may have started to wonder just what was going on. Until Angus Young showed up posing as an airport security worker in an orange vest!

GNR bassist Duff McKagan took to Twitter to share how pleasantly surprised they were. A member of the GNR management team posted a photo to Instagram of the lovely flowers Angus and his wife Ella sent the band. Pretty sweet. You can check out the tweets and IG post below. 

I have missed these two, Angus and Ella. AC⚡️DC Family.

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