Young Thug releases surreal video for 'Wyclef Jean'
Young Thug

Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug has released a new video for his song “Wyclef Jean” and it’s a bit unusual, to say the least. Directed by filmmaker Ryan Staak, the clip begins with some on-screen text explaining that things didn’t go as planned during the video’s production. Initially, Thug gave Staak a recording explaining his wish list for the video, including a mansion the Hollywood Hills, a bevy of models in child-sized cars and a group of children driving an adult-sized police car.

Given that bizarre must list and a $100,000 budget, Staak created an outline for the video and after working out some key details – such as deciding if children or scantily clad women should pull Thug around in a luxury chariot – a filming date was confirmed. However, Thug was apparently several hours late for the shoot and when he arrived, he refused to get out of his car. The video recaps the entire bizarre incident, which also involves an Instagram hack, Thug’s bodyguards getting into it with the LAPD and a surreal homage to “Requiem for a Dream.”

Since the video, which paints Thug in a less than flattering light, was posted to his YouTube channel, it’s not clear if the video is a genuine documentation of events as they happened or a meta-fictional goof in the vein of Blink-182’sThe Rock Show.” Either way, it’s a deeply funny music video that easily ranks as Thug’s best to date.