Ziggy Marley reportedly making a biopic about his late father and reggae legend, Bob Marley
Bob Marley/Vevo

Ziggy Marley, the son Bob Marley, is reportedly working with Paramount Pictures to develop an upcoming biopic film about the late reggae legend. The report from Deadline didn’t include many details on the project, aside from that the two parties are looking to keep the music and legacy of the musician going strong following his death from cancer back in 1981.

The report slightly details Bob Marley’s professional career, which began in the 1960s and early 70s with The Wailers before he reached international fame as a solo artist thanks to his 1977 breakout album, Exodus. There's no word as to whether this will be a scripted production or more of a documentary-styled biopic, but it will certainly look to share Marley’s love of reggae and native Jamaican culture with a world that is super uptight at the moment and in much need of some easy-going musical vibes.

The upcoming biopic will not be alone in its quest to bring the music of artists from a long forgotten era in pop music back to life. The unapologetic members of Mötley Crüe spent much of last year in production to bring their autobiographical book, “The Dirt” to the small screen for Netflix. The music and story of Queen will also be coming to movie theaters in the near future, with a full-length biopic film about the British rock band and their iconic singer, Freddie Mercury.

Ziggy Marley has been in the music headlines as of late thanks to the recent release of his seventh studio album, Rebellion Rises. The popular reggae singer and guitarist will be performing across North America this summer on his Rebellion Rises tour, which kicks off tomorrow (Friday) night in Napa, California, and carries on throughout the summer months and into early fall. Tickets to select shows on the upcoming tour, which also features support from Steel Pulse and Tribal Seeds, are on sale now, and can be purchased by clicking here.